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Comic Sketchbook

Ready for Action

Make your very own superhero story to come to life with our newest addition to our sketchbook line – Comic Sketchbook. 204 pages of pre-drawn comic book borders and panels with lessons, tips & instruction to help you become a better Comic Book Artist. Blank panels are ready to be filled in with your action packed comics or funny cartoons–the options are endless. Modeled after our best-selling Open Bound Sketchbook, the new Comic Sketchbook is a creative’s dream come true–allowing you to sketch, draw or write with its lay open flat ingenious design. Let your imagination run wild and start sketching!



  • Large
  • 8.3 x 11.4 in. 210mm x 290mm (Comparable to A4)
  • ISBN
  • 978-1-62009-857-8

  • Cover Style
  • Art board with printed design

  • Layout
  • Pre-drawin comic border and panels with lessons, tips & instruction

  • Paper
  • 120 GSM Wood-Free, Acid-Free

  • Binding
  • Open Smyth-Sewn

  • Pages
  • 204

  • Page Color
  • White

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