Piccadilly produces fresh, fashionable, high quality & innovative products that offer UNBEATABLE value and ensure fast sell through rates.

Leading edge design and stylish, fashion forward products have made Piccadilly the fastest growing brand of journals, gifts & stationery in the world.

For up to date information about our current product range & upcoming new products visit us at www.piccadillyinc.com

Experience the Piccadilly difference.


The Piccadilly difference is…

  • A product line designed to help you achieve better profit margins by offering your customers the best quality journals, notebooks, stationery and gift products.
  • Innovation- like “Acid-free” paper that resists yellowing, crumbling and aging.

The Piccadilly difference means…

  • We know that you have options when it comes to what brands you carry. And that’s why the Piccadilly difference means so much to us.
  • We scale efficiencies for better costing on quality materials.
  • An in-house design team with 15 years of experience at some of the largest brands in the world.
  • Better quality, price, service and style. We offer the opportunity to buy at the industry’s best prices, with pricing discounts that mean better bottom line and increased profit for your stores.

The Piccadilly difference makes all the difference for your bottom line.

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Piccadilly Quality

We care about preserving your memories, our “Acid-free” paper resists the yellowing and crumbling that comes with age. Our “Wood-free” paper consists of chemical pulp fibres. It does not contain any mechanical pulp beyond a permissible content of 5% by mass.

We care about your wallet. Our products are a fantastic value, high quality for low prices.

We care about the environment, many of our products use “soy-based” inks. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is more environmentally friendly, is available in brighter colors, and makes it easier to recycle paper.