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Value Innovation

Piccadilly produces fresh, fashionable, high quality & innovative products that offer UNBEATABLE value and ensure fast sell through rates.


Quality Innovation

We care about preserving your memories, our “Acid-free” paper resists the yellowing and crumbling that comes with age.


Design Innovation

Leading edge design and stylish, fashion forward products have made Piccadilly the fastest growing brand of journals, gifts & stationery in the world.

Piccadilly Story

At Piccadilly, we’re in the business of self-expression. When your imagination meets our paper, you create something that lasts a lifetime.

Twenty-five years ago, we were a publishing company specializing in art books, when a side project, a whim, changed our fate forever. . When we were done we made a , and then we never turned back.

A piece of paper is the beginning of a journey, and over the past 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to designing new adventures. Our customers trust us with their creativity because our products are made with an attention to detail and expert level of design that lives up to their wildest, most daring creations.
Everyone with a desire to create should be able to afford a beautiful, high quality product. Nothing makes us happier than to see our customers create, and we are honored to be part of that process.

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Piccadilly Quality

  • “Acid-free” paper
  • “Wood-free” paper
  • High quality for low prices
  • “Soy-based” inks
  • Archive Quality Paper
  • Environmentally Friendly

Shows & Info for Retailers

  • 30 days on approved credit
  • All orders are non-returnable
  • FOB: Shenzen, China


Environmentally Friendly

“Soy-based” inks are easier to recycle
than petroleum based inks.

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