Double the Fun with Find 2 Cats

If you enjoyed Find the Cat, you’ll have double the fun finding 2 cats in our follow up puzzle gamebook–Find 2 Cats! Challenge your brain even more and play alone or with friends, young and old alike.  ...

Spell Check Challenge Call Out

Spell Check Challange

Admit it. When you read or hear a grammar infraction, you twitch a little. You can’t help it. Well now, you can channel your compulsion in a game. That’s right—it’s time to let your inner grammarian out to play! As an added bonus, Spell Check...

Find the Cat

Find the Cat

Who loves CATS? We do! Sharpen your brain by playing our newest puzzle gamebook, Find the Cat! Some are blended into the background, while others are found in the most peculiar of spots- just like what our feline friends would do! As an added bonus,...