Open Your Mind, Keep Your Eyes Closed and SKETCH

Are you ready to enter a new chapter in your sketching and drawing ability? Are you up for an outside-the-box challenge that may seem strange, but is a proven method? This closed eye sketchbook is inspired by the pure contour method, which has been taught for many years and is said to encourage a more […]

A Sketch a Day, Keeps Boredom at Bay with My Life in Sketches

365 sketch prompts to reflect everything about your life, every day! One sketch a day for the entire year will definitely keep boredom at bay. Each page will have a sketch prompt, some will be more detailed than others. You fill in the blanks to make it personal. You can create simple sketches or test […]

Create Your Own Comic

Use your own origin story to create your own comic! With over 80 prompts and assorted templates, sketch out your past, present, and future in our new guided Comic Sketchbook.

Ready, Set, Draw!

Our best-selling journal, now available in a smaller size for our on-the-go artists! With one prompt per page, it is the perfect inspirational sketchbook to break you out of your artist block, figure out what to draw, and help improve your drawing skills!

Start Your Sketches with Creative Drawing

Every new skill begins with patience, practice, but most importantly, fundamentals. Creative Drawing is a guided sketchbook that includes an introduction to drawing with lessons, tips, and instruction to provide the tools and techniques needed to create beautiful drawings for any artist, at any level. Filled with 300 drawing prompts to keep your imagination and creativity […]

Draw Your Day Away with Complete the Drawing

200 pages of drawings for you to finish and detail! Draw your day away and let your imagination run wild… High quality paper will make sure your inspired creations stand through the test of time.

Hand Lettering Tips for Beginners

Calligraphy may not be up your alley, not yet at least, but it is something you can easily learn if you give it a chance. In lieu of National Handwriting Day, we are bringing you a few of our favorite tips to help you learn calligraphy. 1. Be patient – It’s often a good idea […]

Get your creativity flowing with 500 Creative Prompts!

Stop wondering where to begin your story or what to draw! 500 Creative Prompts! is packed with our best questions, writing and drawing prompts to inspire your writing and drawing experience. This guided journal has all you need to get your creativity flowing. Start with a variety of intriguing and stimulating writing prompts to help […]