The Mood Booster You Never Knew You Needed

Sketching – The Mood Booster You Never Knew You Needed

Drawing is considered one of the oldest forms of visual art and is essentially the foundation of art. Drawing has a diverse history dating back to Neanderthals, that began drawing in their caves. Drawing is one of the foundations that artists must first master and an important medium to build upon with other art forms. The accessibility of drawing makes it a popular pursuit for creatives worldwide.

Famous artists like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo created drawings in preparation for their paintings. Vincent van Gogh referred to drawing as the root of everything he created and took a notebook everywhere he went to connect and observe. Similarly, Jean Augustine Dominique Ingres created graphite portraits so refined that they are the most celebrated pieces of his work today.


History shows us the most adored artists used drawing and sketching as the base they built upon. The benefits of this hobby are countless, and that’s why art therapy is a widespread practice to treat a multitude of trauma and anxiety. Drawing and sketching boost your mood, heightens creativity, improve memory, and relieve stress. Art, specifically drawing, helps decompress while fine-tuning observational skills and enhancing critical thinking. You don’t have to be a renowned artist to reap the benefits.


Improves well-being


Drawing enhances the ability to unwind. It forces the artist to focus on the details of their environment, mimicking meditation. It ignites the imagination, and that disrupts the strain of overthinking. It instills a desire for nature and new surroundings which promotes relaxation. All of these things lead to less stress while improving focus.

Improves mood


Drawing helps foster positive thinking by generating ideas which in turn improves mood. Whether you scribble, doodle, freeform, or sketch something specific, the act of drawing becomes a therapeutic outlet. Sketching and drawing can act as a distraction and gives you the pleasure of creating something, releasing endorphins which also elevate the mood.


Strengthens & enhances


Drawing offers many cognitive benefits; for example, you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens logical and critical thinking. This helps you focus, enhancing the ability to think strategically. Growth and personal development can be attributed to drawing as it opens up new channels of processing and creativity. Sketching is visual and allows a person a new way to communicate through their art, expressing feelings and emotions in an alternate form.


Drawing and sketching use the hand, eyes, and mind incongruently to improve motor skills and coordination. It augments creativity and promotes relaxation, which relieves stress. Drawing is an essential foundation to build upon for other artistic pursuits while offering a plethora of mental benefits that strengthen the mind. It acts as a form of meditation, boosting your well-being and mood. You don’t have to be a pro to make art your happy place, just get started and enjoy the hobby with benefits.