Why you should Unplug and Write

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Why you should Unplug and Write

With Social Media and services like Netflix, Vudu and all of the other ones coming out – it’s no wonder Americans spend 10 hours a day on the “screen.” In this decade you can binge watch just about anything and before you know it, it’s onto the next day.

But, sometimes you need to just unplug your phone, turn off the tv and WRITE. It’s undoubtedly some of the best tools you can have, even in the digital era.

Here is why we love writing so much, and why you may start to love it too:

1. Writing clears the clutter from your mind. 
We all go about our day and deal with stress, appointments, happiness, to-do lists and so many other things to keep straight. When you have nowhere, but your mind to store everything, it can become cluttered. Just like your home can become cluttered and leave you stressed and unfocused, the concept applies to your mind. Organize your thoughts and get a clear focus on the things you need to focus on, and let go of the stuff you don’t need to think about.

Have you ever forgotten something super small? It may be a sign you need to write and declutter your mind.

2. Writing lets you create a knowledge “bank.”
Just like taking notes on a class to refer back to, one of your writing tools is the ability to create a place to keep newly learned knowledge or knowledge that you have had for years. Personally, I like to keep a notebook for different topics, but you can create your “bank” however you feel it will be best organized.

3. Writing lets you see your growth and personal development.
I started a journal when I wrote my very first blog, I logged how long it took me to research and write it, what my typing speed was and how many people read it. I did this for each and every blog, not looking back until I reached a certain number of blogs. When I looked at blog 1 and then compared it to the last one, I was shocked to see the progress I had no idea I was making. If I had never kept track of my starting point and all of the work in between, I would have never stopped to see how far I had come. The use of writing to track your growth is so powerful!

The “screen” may be a great distraction, and sometimes it’s just what you need. Though writing is the best way to make plans, see your progress and align your thoughts with actions.

We would say, “type instead of write,” if you told us you hate pen and paper, but that would defeat the whole get off the “screen” concept.

Have you written today? We would love to hear how you use your journal or spend your time writing. Leave us a comment or tell us on social.

Here is a list of some of our journals that you can use when you unplug from life online:

• Easy Journal
• Flatline Journal
• Fortune Cookie Journal
• Gold is the New Black
• Wire-O Journal