Anyone is susceptible to running into Writer’s Block or Writer’s Burnout, even professionals. I couldn’t believe this until it hit me like a ton of bricks. After writing 4 articles every single week for 2 years with no breaks, my brain was dried up like a prune. I couldn’t even think of topics to write about anymore and writing just seemed like a chore. I would sit and stare at the blank sheet of paper feeling of overwhelmed and with a major lack of direction.

Then it became apparent that I was at some point of Writer’s Block & Writer’s Burnout.

It was inevitable, how had I not seen it coming was a mystery to me. No one can write and write and write and write, forever. This is just not possible to sustain. I guess I thought I was Wonder Woman.

If you think you are suffering from Writer’s Block, do not stop writing! One of the worst things you can do is go on strike even when you feel like you can not write another letter yet another word. Writer’s Block can last about 3 months, where Writer’s Burnout can last up to 1 year. Check out these tips to get over it as fast as possible.

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The best things you can do to NOT overcome Writer’s Block:

• Doubt yourself

• Watch TV

• Wallow in your own self-pity

• Check the clock over and over again

• Refuse to write until you feel “inspired”

• These things will keep you blocked and will lead to nowhere.

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The best things you CAN do to overcome Writer’s Block:
• Turn on some jazz or classical music and relax. Music is known to stimulate brain cells. (Check out Teahouse Music Company on Youtube for uplifting music)

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• Go for a walk or run. Exercise will get your blood flowing and may result in creative thinking.

• Create a daily routine that inspires your Writing Time. Many famous writers have a daily writing schedule that allows them just the right amount of time to focus and write some killer content.

• Call a friend and bounce some ideas off of them. Sometimes going over your ideas with a friend will help them throw other ideas at you that may evoke a new way of thinking.

• Change your environment. Head to the library or a quiet park.

• Remove all distractions from your space. Turn off the TV!

• Fuel your body with proper rest and nutrients. If your body is running on low, your brain will not want to think at all.

The fail-proof way to overcome Writer’s Block; get a Prompt Book.

I picked up 300 More Writing Prompts and couldn’t put it down. Although none of the prompts had anything to do with my writing work, it inspired me to write about fun things that I cared about and brought great ideas into my mind. 300 More Writing Prompts was a way for me to keep writing because going on Writer’s Strike will not help you get over your block.

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Write for the fun of it. Don’t write only because you have to.

Along with 300 More Writing Prompts, a really fun one is 3000 Questions About Me! Since you know yourself better than anyone, you will always know what to write about.

Here is a list of more journals with writing prompts to help you get over your writer’s block:
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