The Gift Giving Guide for the Writer

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The Gift Giving Guide for the Writer

The writer(s) in your life could be the busy student or the working professional – no matter who they are, they always seem so hard to shop for when it comes to gift giving. Is it too safe to get them another lined notebook? I think that depends on the type of lined notebook, and today there are so many varieties to choose from.

If you gifted them a book or journal last year, maybe this year don’t play so safe. Writers generally have a few areas in their life that they consider when sitting down to write:
• The mood of the room
• The actual room
• Their tools.
These three areas could greatly affect their writing and are things to think of when gift shopping for extra ideas.

This year let’s gift them some really cool items to add to their creative space, add to their mood,  or give them more tools to lay their ideas on paper.

Shop our favorite Holiday Gifts for the Writer in your life: Links Below

gift guide

1. Pumpkin Glazed Candle @Burlington
2. Bluetooth Headphones @Fivebelow
3. Zebra Stainless Steel Retractable Pens
4. Gold Pencil Holder
5. Kate Spade Tech Backpack
6. Flower Vase
7. French Coffee Press
8. Writer Quote Coffee Mug
9. Marble & Gold Table Lamp
10 Meditation Music
11. Dot Grid Essential Notebook

Here is a list of some of our journals and notebooks that will make great gifts:
500 Creative Prompts
8-in-1 Sketchbook
Book Lover’s Journal
Church Notes
Detail the Drawing
Good Day Every Day Journal

For more gifts ideas visit our website and check out where you can buy your Piccadilly journal or sketchbook.