How did we live without knowing what kind of breakfast food we were? Quizzes are designed to reveal, challenge, surprise, and entertain, and in Awesome Social Media Quizzes you will find some of each.

It’s old news that our choices say a lot about our true selves, but never before have there been so many imaginative ways to find out. Whether you want to express your personality through your likes and dislikes, test your knowledge, or just enjoy some silliness, there’s something for everyone in these pages.

What literary character or 80s craze would you be? Would you survive in the wilderness? Are you an expert speller, a history buff, or smarter than a ten-year-old? Play for yourself, or share your results with your friends. Who knows, you may learn something about yourself you never expected.

These quizzes are perfect for parties, long trips, or lunch breaks. And even better, you don’t need a screen, a Wi-Fi connection, or a social media account to enjoy them. Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s find out!


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