Tell your story & leave a legacy

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Tell your story & leave a legacy

I never really understood the importance of knowing who my mom was as a person, or who her parents were until I became a parent. Growing up without a mom, you just go through the days and learn to live with that missing piece as time passes and everyday life turns into a routine.

Once I became a mom, more questions about who my mom was and if I was anything like her came up. There was no way of asking her these questions, which would bother me since she didn’t have any written stories or journals for me to look back at. There was no legacy for my new family.

It left me wondering what she was like as a kid, what funny stories she had or what her favorite memory was. Was I like her? Did we like the same things? Could I have learned anything from her childhood that could have helped me raise my kids? Then it hit me even harder, there was no way to pass on her story to my kids, they had nothing but pictures to serve as memory keepers.

As a new mom, it became important to be able to pass on my story to my children and then in turn, to their own children. Telling my story and leaving behind my legacy has become so important to me.

When Your Mother’s Story was released, getting a copy for myself was a no-brainer. The book is filled with prompts to write in my memories and knowledge to pass on to my children and their children. It gives an insight into my life and the experiences that have helped shape me, which could help shape them. Not only do the prompts make it easy to write in, but the book is also broken down by chapters from Youth to Old Age.

There will be a day when my kids will wonder what my childhood was like, or what my favorite life lesson was that I may not have told them about. Leaving this written legacy will one day help them learn more things about me and figure out who they are and why they are the way they are.

Your Mother’s Story isn’t just for your mom but can be a great gift to yourself or to a friend who may like to pass on their story to their children. If you can give your parents or grandparents something to leave you – there are actually 4 books in this series that are perfect gifts.

Your Mother’s Story, Your Father’s Story, Your Grandmother’s Story and Your Grandfather’s Story are great ways to learn about your family’s history and pass on your legacy for generations to come.