Balance isn’t only useful when you are practicing your gymnastics on the curb, but it is needed in all areas of your life. Balance is crucial for your health and mental wellbeing. Here are 2 main ways to balance your life and accomplish more things.

Keep Better Track
Life is busy, can we all agree. There are so many moving parts to life, it can be overwhelming at times to feel balanced & feel like you are moving forward at all. There are appointments, bills, and random things that come up that make your life jam-packed.

I find it easier to feel more in control of my life and balance when I can see things right in front of me.

To try and ease the chaos, Every month my bills and payments are set up automatically to pull from my account in case I was to forget. This makes things easier in my case even though it may not be for everyone. This was working great up until recently when I had a few more bills to add into the mix, and things would pull from my account that I forgot was set up on auto.

One night I decided to write out everything. I sat down and wrote out all of my bills & expenses, how much they are, how often they pull, what account they pull from, if there is a balance on them, every important detail – I wrote it down. Then I created a grid on my whiteboard and added the items on there in the order of the date. This allowed me to see what was going on and helped me keep track of what to expect.

Point in blank, if your life feels chaotic, make a list of all the moving pieces and keep better track. Use a calendar, hang a whiteboard – however you need to, keep it right where you can see it.

Plan Your Day, Week & Month
If you have a bunch of stuff to get done and don’t know how you will manage it, schedule it. Plan your month with what needs to get done, then break it down by the week & lastly by the day. Set your daily schedule based on the hours you have available and give each task a time to get done, just like you would schedule a meeting at a certain time – schedule your tasks.

If you aren’t into giving each task a time, keep a To-Do List for those daily items to accomplish.

Let go of the stuff that you do not REALLY need to do. Do you really need to check Facebook 20 times per day to read the posts and scroll through the comments? If no, then let that stuff go.

If you do not have to do it, if it doesn’t help you accomplish your goals or tasks, if it does not bring you joy – Let it go.

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