Admit it. When you read or hear a grammar infraction, you twitch a little. You can’t help it. Well now, you can channel your compulsion in a game. That’s right—it’s time to let your inner grammarian out to play! As an added bonus, Spell Check Challange also pleases your bookworm side: the short passages have been pulled from classic literature. As you take on the challenge, you’ll revisit excerpts from your favorite novels, make some new discoveries, and get a taste of something you always meant to read. Spell Check Challange is a playground of the written word. In these pages, we’ve assembled a diverse selection of fiction from as many genres and authors as we could find and, well, ruined them. Each short excerpt contains a set number of errors. Punctuation and the occasional bit of text in a foreign language have been left alone; we’re not complete brutes. Some spelling and usage corrections will be obvious, and some will be tricky. That’s right, it’s not just spelling—keep a sharp eye on those yours, theres, its, and more. We’ve added the mistakes (sorry, Ms. Austen), and now it’s your turn to make things right.

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