Sketching for Business

business sketching

Sketching for Business

There are many benefits that come along with the process of sketching. To name a few, sketching can encourage relaxation, improve focus, and it can be used as a form of therapy. Sketching also has some great benefits in regard to the professional and business world and many successful businesses utilize sketching for their creation and design processes along with a slew of other useful functions.

Research & Goal Setting
Sketching can be used as an alternative way to synthesize research versus traditional reports or as a supplement to traditional reports. Not all people learn or express themselves the same way, adding sketching to your research process will allow those who prefer visuals a better understanding of the teams end goals. Sketching can also be used to set goals for the team and business as a whole; being able to visualize what you want to accomplish is a great way to put your goals into action.

Concept Development
Sketching makes a great basis for concept development as it’s a quick and efficient way to get the ball rolling. Just the same as writer’s block, many creatives can encounter an artistic block from time to time. Sketching is a no stress way to get over this hurdle and sometimes the best work comes from letting the subconscious take over your sketchbook.

Here is a list of some of our sketchbook to get your ideas visualized:
Easy Sketchbook
Flatline Sketchbook
Naked Sketchbook
Wire-O Sketchbook