Promotional Products

It is our pleasure to provide limited-edition customized versions of our products for the world’s leading institutions & companies. Through our extensive selection of products, ranging from notebooks & journals to sketchbooks & mouse pads, we are proud to be instrumental in satisfying all of our clients communication and marketing needs.


Using different techniques & materials, we can help you create products that are dedicated to a particular event, or to help exemplify the your companies brand and image.





Just let us know what customizations you have in mind, and for which product, and it will be our pleasure to provide price quote.

Customization Possibilities Include:

  • Logo debossing/stamping on covers *
  • Spot uv treatment *
  • Foil stamping *
  • Custom designed inside pages **
  • Multi-color pages
  • Custom material cover colors
  • Custom printed designed cover **

* availability varies according to product type
** any graphic design work needed will be billed at $100 /hour

Ordering Details

  • Minimum Order is 5,000 units per individual product (i.e. “Medium – Essential Notebook”)
  • Freight Cost
    • If you would like us to ship to your location, please let us know the address and we can provide you with the freight cost for your order.
    • If you would like to arrange your own shipment, pickup at the port of Shenzhen, China, or at our factory location (also in Shenzhen, China) there is no cost for this.
  • 12 week delivery time (from receipt of PO & Payment to delivery at your warehouse)
  • 100% Payment due on receipt of PO on all orders