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Sketching Made Easy
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Sketching Made Easy

The ultimate beginner’s guide book to drawing and sketching.

If you have the inspiration but not the training, this is the right book for you! Every new skill begins with the fundamentals, a foundation on which to build. As it turns out, so do great sketches! If you can draw a line, a triangle, or a circle, you’re ready to start. Using a strong base of simple, geometric shapes and lines, and plenty of space to practice, this book provides the tools you need to create beautiful, lifelike drawings.

With lessons from artist E.G. Lutz, this step-by-step process has given a century of emerging artists the techniques they need to bring their pictures to life. Walt Disney himself credited Lutz’s lessons with taking his art to the next level, and Disney animators often mention using his books as references in the studio.

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist or an aspiring professional artist, if the tips in this book birthed what is now a billion-dollar industry, imagine where they may take you!



  • Large
  • 7.2 x 10.1 in. 182mm x 257mm (Comparable to B5)
  • ISBN
  • 978-1-60863-455-2

  • Cover Style
  • Hard cover with copper foil stamping

  • Pages
  • 200

  • Layout
  • Lesson page on left, Practice page on right

  • Paper
  • Acid-Free, High-Quality Sketching Paper

  • Binding
  • Lay Flat, Smyth-Sewn

  • Page Color
  • Cream

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