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Moon Journal-Front Cover design with Nearside view of the moon
  • Moon Journal-Back Cover design with Eastside view of the moon
  • Moon Endpaper with moon phases and facts about the moon
  • Flatline-Journal-Spread

Moon Journal

My Moon, My Journal

We’re over the moon… to bring you our newest journal—the silver foil stamped Moon Journal! Both front and back covers have different views of the moon PLUS custom foil stamped endpapers for more of the Moon love to go around. The front cover has a foil stamped design of the near side view of the moon, while the back cover has a foil stamped design of the eastside of the moon. One marvelous moon and two different views for you to gaze at for inspiration!

“Tell me the story..
About how the sun loved the moon so much..
That she died every night..
Just to let him breathe…”

-Hanako Ishii


  • Medium
  • 6 x 8.5 in. 152.4mm x 216mm (Comparable to A5)
  • ISBN
  • 978-1-57133-114-4

  • Cover Style
  • Flexi card stock with silver foil stamping

  • Extras
  • Front & back silver foil stamped moon design

  • Pages
  • 200

  • Layout
  • Lined

  • Paper
  • Acid-Free, High-Quality Writing Paper

  • Binding
  • Smyth-Sewn

  • Page Color
  • Cream

  • Features
  • Custom foil stamped front endpaper with moon design and information

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