30 Day Drawing Challenge


Sketching is one of the most underutilized forms of relaxation and stress relief. The act of drawing often goes overlooked because many view sketching as something reserved for children or professional artists. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and there are countess benefits from indulging in sketching on a regular basis. A 30-day drawing challenge is the perfect opportunity to get into the habit of sketching on a regular basis and you might be surprised at how much you look forward to sketching in your notebook each day. The rules of the challenge are simple, draw every day for 30 consecutive days and you’ll have successfully completed the challenge. For those of us who have busy schedules or who are new to sketching we’ve put together some tips to help you successfully complete the 30-day drawing challenge.

Dedicate a specific time each day to drawing or sketching.

The first step to successfully completing the 30-day challenge is setting an attainable amount of time to dedicate to drawing each day. It also helps to pick a specific time each day to draw as this makes it easier to form a habit. For some this might be first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed; the goal is to make sure that you stick with it every day so choose a time that works for you.

Find a way to keep yourself accountable.

If you think you’ll have trouble sketching every day for 30 consecutive days, involving others is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Challenge a friend or family member to join in on the challenge or simply share what you’re doing with someone who can help keep you accountable. Another great way to keep yourself accountable is through social media; chances are you’ll be able to find others on the same challenge through hashtags. Post your latest sketch each day and hashtag which day of the challenge you’re on. Your followers might begin to look forward to your daily drawings and you might even inspire others to join in on the challenge.

Figure out what to draw each day.

The hardest part of this challenge might be coming up with ideas of what to draw each day. “Sketcher’s block” is one of the fastest ways to become discouraged during the challenge and some days you really won’t have a clue what to draw. Fortunately, Piccadilly has some great options to make sure that you won’t run in to sketchers block during the 30-day challenge with an awesome line up of guided sketchbooks. We suggest picking up Piccadilly’s 300 Drawing Prompts before you begin the challenge. It contains 300 unique prompts which make it perfect for a 30-day drawing challenge. The great thing about this book is that you’ll be able to use it long past the 30-day challenge and you might even decide that you want to make sketching a part of your daily routine.

Here are some Piccadilly sketchbooks perfect for this challenge:

Easy Sketchbooks
Open Bound Sketchbooks
Wire-O Sketchbooks