We live in a society where downtime is considered a luxury. We might even feel guilty taking a little time out for ourselves because more often than not there’s always something that needs to be done. Many people don’t realize that time management is so much more than scheduling your to-dos. Have you ever considered the possibility of doing less but in a more productive manner? Having a to-do list is great to keep you on track but adding a strategic plan to tackle your to-dos in the most efficient manner possible will help you accomplish your daily tasks all while leaving you with some much-needed downtime to spare.

How does practicing mindfulness help us overcome 100 Life Challenges?

Practicing mindfulness helps us make more focused decisions.

Being able to make focused, well thought out decisions is key to staying on track with work and life goals. It can be difficult to make clear decisions if we’re stressed out or trying to juggle multiple priorities at once. Unfortunately, making a less than optimal decision in certain instances can set us back when working towards a particular goal. Practicing mindfulness helps clear our minds, enabling us to make clear, focused decisions that will help us reach our goals faster.

Practicing mindfulness helps us stay more productive at work.

Mindfulness training has been proven to improve focus and attention. This is extremely helpful when it comes to work. Whether in our business lives or personal lives the ability to stay focused and block out distractions will double the amount of work we can accomplish in half the time.

Practicing mindfulness helps prevent burn out.

If we are sick or burnt out, chances are we aren’t going to be able to get much done. Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness has a positive impact on our immune system, which can help protect us from illness and disease. The practice of mindfulness also has a positive impact on how we handle stressful situations. Stress can lead to negative mental and physical consequences, so practicing techniques to help manage the stressors we encounter on a day to day basis might actually be worth it’s weight in gold.

Practicing mindfulness helps us make real progress. 

Have you ever been so busy that it felt like you were running in circles? It might not make much sense, but it is possible to be busy without getting anything meaningful done. We might find ourselves consumed with tasks we think we need to get done, but in reality, we might be avoiding getting the things done that should be topping our priority list. Practicing mindfulness brings clarity to our minds so that we can really focus on what we need to be doing versus wasting time on tasks that might seem urgent, but really aren’t worth our time.

Practicing mindfulness is key when it comes to being more productive in your life. It might seem counterproductive when time is limited throughout the day but taking the time to meditate and utilize other mindfulness techniques will increase your ability to work more efficiently and effectively.

If you’re unsure of how to get started when it comes to practicing mindfulness Piccadilly’s 100 Life Challenges is the perfect tool to get you started. You’ll get a new challenge every 30 days to practice a new mindfulness technique and the book contains a 30-day calendar so you can track your progress.