Journaling: Why it’s good for the soul

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Journaling: Why it’s good for the soul

The way of the world is now; go as fast as you can and get as much as you can do in the least amount of time. We are becoming robots practically. This trend is lacking one major thing: Self-Care & Caring about others. This isn’t really good for us as living, breathing, feeling, human beings.

When does this go-go-go movement give you the time to stop, sit down and really think about the way you feel? When does this give you the time to even feel? Of course, change is constant in life, and stagnate can be related to not achieving goals. But there has to another way to feel accomplished while still being a human.

We are pushed and pulled so much, most of us don’t even get the chance to feel happy, sad, mad or feel anything.

We are being taught to just keep going forward and not think about our feelings or the feelings of others.
Let’s bring you an example from social media that you may have scrolled past a few times (If you haven’t seen it, you are pretty lucky). Have you seen the phrase “sorry, not sorry”? Yeah, well aside from this being a lousy excuse for an apology, you may be able to blame the person from not stopping and feeling, and not taking into consideration how others feel. Selfish or just a victim of the robot trend?

Either way, “sorry, not sorry” isn’t good for us. This is not helping us to feel or to care.

How do we change this, and really start to care about ourselves and about others’ feelings? Therapy?
Sure, therapy is a great way to learn about your feelings and learn about how to handle certain situations – but most of us can barely schedule in time for anything extra so a Therapist Appointment may be out of the question. And in many cases, it is certainly out of the budget. This does not mean that you shouldn’t consider going to a Therapist and you may need to opt for one. But you should know all the options for self-care before committing to anything.

So back to the question of how we change this? The answer is probably cheaper and easier than you think. Journaling.
This tool has been around longer than the invention of Television! But it may be something new for you.
Journaling is said to be cheaper than therapy ($5 journal vs $175  therapy session), and for certain is easier to schedule into your life without making huge changes. Being connected to the way you feel through journaling will align every other aspect of your life and help you become actually sorry when you make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings.

Writing is just plain and simple, Good for the Soul!

When do you find the time to write?
If you thought long and hard about this question and really pondered how you could ever fit journaling into your schedule, then you, my friend, are guilty of not practicing self-care & need to do this more than you think.
Fact is, your schedule will not open up or will it automatically pencil in “Write in your journal.”
You must make the time to take a break from the hustle and really live in the moment. When there is a will there’s a way.

Down-time before bed is a good chance to write, as well as getting up a few minutes earlier every day and writing could leave you feeling more energized.

Once you get into the routine of writing it will start to feel natural and less of a task. Trust us, you may actually look forward to it.

What do you write about?
Opening that journal or notebook up can be nerve-wracking as you stare at blank pages and wonder what to fill them with. There is no right or wrong way to journal for self-care and everyone may have a different method that best suits them.

The method that works for me is to use my regular old journal as a double-sided journal or in proper terms:
•  Start with your journal right-side-up. This page is for anything negative or bad feelings. Write about how an event in your daily routine made you feel – this could be your day at work, an event with your kids, a leaking faucet at your home, a bad experience with the grocery store cashier. Pick an event and dump your brain. What emotion did this event provoke, was the emotional state lingering for the day?
• Close your journal and flip it over, rotate it so the spine is on the left. This makes it upside down. This side of my journal I leave for only positive feelings or affirmations.

Here I write down positive experiences, things that make me happy or just positive affirmations.

The reason behind why I choose this method, I like to be able to get right to the good stuff when I am having a bad moment. I like to be able to read what about things that made me happy and lift my mood.

There are so many other methods to try out that could work best for you, Don’t give up until you find your own rhythm.

For more inspiration on journaling for self-care, check out this great article over at Huffington Post.

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