For most, being successful tops the list of things we want in life. Success is not “one size fits all,” and no two success stories are exactly alike. However, there are a few habits that successful people have in common that can help you along your path towards success; one of those habits is journaling. There are many benefits to keeping a journal, and if you’ve been thinking about starting a business or playing around with the idea of an invention, keeping a journal should become a priority.

Keeping a journal gives your ideas room to evolve

We’ve all tossed ideas around in our heads or chatted about our plans with others, but how often have we taken the next steps towards making these ideas a reality? A journal is the perfect place to collect ideas that we want to put into action. No matter how ridiculous an idea might sound at the time, write in down in your journal. Once an idea is written down, you’ll be able to alter it and add on new ideas in order to create your finished product.

Keep a journal to keep your days, weeks, and months organized

Bullet journals are great for organization and being organized is another trait that successful people have in common. Keeping a bullet journal is a great way to track goals and plan for the future. Adding timelines and creating a plan on how you want to accomplish your goals will increase the likelihood that you’ll be successful.

Keep a journal of your daily actions and activities

Writing down what you do on a daily basis is a great way to trim the fat from how you’re spending your time. Keeping a journal is an extremely helpful tool for pinpointing insignificant tasks you might be wasting time on. It isn’t uncommon to have an extremely busy schedule full of “urgent” tasks, that once put into perspective really aren’t urgent or worth your time at all. Time is money, and it’s also the one thing in life we will never get back. Make sure you’re spending your time wisely on things that are beneficial to your end goals and growth.

Reflection is key to success

Keeping a journal makes it easy to reflect on your past thoughts and feelings. This is especially helpful when you’re wanting a repeat of a past success. Being able to reflect and look back on your state of mind and what actions you took to accomplish a goal is helpful when you’re looking for a repeat. Reflection is also key for dealing with setbacks. Being able to look back on what went wrong is the first step towards making sure that you don’t end up repeating the same mistakes twice.

If you haven’t already gotten into the habit of journaling, the points above make a great case on why you should start now. So, grab a pen, pick up a journal, and watch your thoughts and ideas transform.