Journaling is among the most creative strategies to heal a broken heart. It can be extremely helpful in the goal of improving yourself and finding happiness along the way. Think of it this way; your journal is like prunes for the soul, something which will help you regulate the path to recovery and keep your body in balance. Your journal will allow you to express whatever emotions you are feeling and keep your thoughts in check.

Some relationships just do not go as planned, and it is so easy to get hung up on the bad stuff- having a space in your journal to dump all the negativity will help you mend that broken heart.

Disclaimer: Your journal will not heal a broken heart overnight, this is something that will take time but journaling will help the process go faster.

Here are the 7 emotional stages you will go through after a breakup:

1. Shock and denial – This will happen right after a relationship has ended. You do not want to bring yourself to that your life will be a little different and that you are truly single again.

2. Desperation – Human nature says you need to know what went wrong. You try and replay your relationship and figure out play by play where it went wrong. What happened to make it change? You just want answers at this point.

3. Fear, loneliness, and sadness – When it finally sets in that you are no longer a couple, you feel alone, sad and even may push people away who try and comfort you.

4. Bargaining – Where you find yourself groveling, begging for the other person to take you back, trying to convince them that you will change and you can’t live without them. This can be referred to as the “crazy” stage.

5. Anger – You may start to hate the other person, or even hate yourself. This keeps you trapped, staying stagnant in the same place.

6. Acceptance – This is the moment you accept what has changed and start the healing process.

7. Forgiveness – Once you have healed, you forgive yourself and the other person. You can now start to move forward.

How can journaling ease you through the 7 emotional stages?
While you go through each phase of the process, we can call it grieving – it is similar to this, turn to your journal to write down your thoughts. Dedicate a whole journal to the breakup if you have to and burn it when you get through to the forgiveness and healing part. Just a thought. I’m all about getting rid of things that don’t serve me anymore.

But, lets rundown how your journal is going to get you through this and fast.

For the denial stage, write out the initial breakup and how you reacted to the situation. Did you get crazy? Did you see it coming? How do you really feel about the other person not being in your life?

It gets a little easier every minute.

Your journal can be very helpful while you go through the Desperation phase. Instead of texting, calling or DM’ing your ex – write down your questions or thoughts in your journal, use your journal pages and write a letter to your ex (that will stay in your journal of course). Trust me when I say I have been here before. I called and texted and cried – was it me? What did I do wrong, I wanted to know so badly because I believed I could right the wrong and get them back. Writing out your feelings and all the things you would tell them, in your journal, is way better for your soul. You don’t need any more pain than you already have.

Being alone and feeling alone sucks, but it isn’t always a bad thing. Start a page in your journal and make a list of the people you do have in your life. Now make a list of fun things you want to do, either alone, or with those people you just listed. What we are doing here is turning the feeling of being alone into a time when you realize that there is so much you are destined to do in life and so many people who love you. Write down at least 1 positive thing about not being in the relationship. Maybe you now have more time to focus on your hobby, or travel? Write a bucket list for the current year.

Journaling away a broken heart may help you avoid the “crazy” stage too. We didn’t tell you this right away, but it may avoid this. After the last section, you may not even want to bargain or beg for your ex to be back in your life. You may see that this is just another road in your journey and you are going to be ok. If you feel like your life is better off already – you are skipping to acceptance.

Your final journal entry for this break-up: a letter to yourself. Write a letter to yourself and tell yourself all the amazing qualities you have, tell yourself about how valuable you are, include in the letter that you forgive yourself and you forgive your ex. Wish them well and close the journal.

If you are going through a break up right now, you may think that this seems silly, but we want you to at least be open to grabbing your journal and trying.
Miley Cyrus said, “Nothing breaks like a heart.” This may be true, but broken hearts always heal.

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