Can we all agree that this year flew?! As 2019 approaches fast, one of the top goals for many people is Staying Organized. It does matter if you are a busy mom, work professional or student – you have juggled multiple things at once and understand that organization could mean the difference between failing and succeeding. This applies to nearly everything in life.

If you are trying to get your life in order, especially for 2019, these following tips can help you get organized and stay that way.

1. Keep a Planner- Losing track of the day happens to the best of us. Days just roll by so fast, and a million things we do come and go. Keeping a paper planner or digital planner is one of the first things we recommend to get organized. If you don’t like paper planners, set up a Google Calendar. You can color coordinate your tasks to appropriate projects or areas of your life. (You will see that color comes into play a lot when dealing with staying organized)

2. Use your Phone to set Reminders – “Ding” you just got a text message, you get up and check your phone to see who just text you. You may have even stopped what you were doing just to check your phone.

Setting reminders in your phone can work just the same way. For every appointment or deadline that you have – set a reminder in your phone. Google Calendar is great for this! You can set a reminder 2 weeks before a project deadline to keep you on track, or set a reminder 30 min before a scheduled Appointment – you can tailor them to your needs.

3. Use the Kanban Whiteboard Method – If you have a dedicated space in your home, invest in a whiteboard. You can get one for fairly cheap at Walmart or on Amazon, a 24 x 18 works fine. A whiteboard, particularly the Kanban Method has helped organize my To-Do list in a huge way.

The gist of the Kanban Method is to separate your whiteboard into 3 or 4 sections, you can use a Permanent Marker, Washi Tape or Whiteboard Marker to make your sections: To-Do, In Progress, Review (optional) And Done. Using Post-Its, which we will discuss in the next tip, you can visualize your tasks and keep track of where they are in the process. When you have finished a task you move it to Done, no do not throw it out once you finish the task!

Keeping track of all that you have accomplished will actually let you see all the hard work you put out. This method makes you become more productive as you see accomplishments.
You will want to hang your whiteboard in sight of your daily routine, somewhere that must be looked at. For my large whiteboard, I dedicated the top of the board for my calendar, and the lower portion for my To-Do, In Progress & Done. You can skip the calendar on your board if you want. Here is an example of how I designed my board.


The Done column is large enough for just a single Post-It, I add the finished items starting from the bottom of the board staking them as I go up to the top.

4. Make To-Do Lists – Creating lists of things you need to remember to do, and setting their priority will help you visualize your tasks. To go along with the Kanban Method, buy colored Post-Its to use for your board. You can color code different projects or different areas of your life. (They can be the same color as your Google Calendar colored tasks)

Before bed every night, write a quick list of To-Dos for the following day to add to your Whiteboard.

We hope these tips help get you organized for 2019 and stay organized!

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