How to be Mindful at Work


How to be Mindful at Work

For all of our readers who do not go to work, this is still a good read to get yourself ready for the day you’ll enter the job market. Because that day will come. You could also pretend work means school or anything else that matches your daily life routine.

Now for those of us who don’t like our jobs, heading into the office to spend most of our waking hours, is rarely the highlight of our week. Even when our co-workers rock. In larger companies, this especially can be more of a chore as you are dealing with a lot of personalities and there are a lot more distractions. However, small offices and home offices can also drag you down.

Studies show that over the last 40 years Americans who spend more than 40 hours at work every week has increased, and is on a steady rise. The issue with this is that we lose focus and our productivity takes a direct hit.
You can balance out the distractions and your productivity level when you bring mindfulness into the picture.

Power Down
We are all aware that our cell phones and social media platforms have taken over our lives and attention. Your notification sound can be a BIG distraction and will block you from being mindful while you are at work. This week, keep your phone off while you are working – leave the notification checking and texting for your breaks or after work. Worried someone will have an emergency and need to contact you? In the past, we gave people our work phone number and they could call your job in case of an emergency. You will be OK without a cell phone while you are at work, I promise.

Ditch The Office Chair
Slumping over in your office chair day after day does nothing good for your posture or your mindful intentions. Try sitting on an Exercise Ball instead. This will help you focus on your breathing and being present. When you find your balance on the exercise ball you will notice that your attention to detail is better and you may even feel better about the project you are working on.

Give Yourself a Deadline
There is just something about deadlines that make people move faster. Motivate yourself with deadlines throughout your day to try to add some goals. How can you do this? At the beginning of each day, hand-write a plan for that day. Use your breaks as a way to beat the deadline, for instance, set a goal of calling 50 people before your first break, or having a project complete before lunch. Remember, do one thing at a time.

Interact Genuinely
Ever have a conversation at work with someone who keeps checking their phone or looking away? This can happen often, and even you may be guilty of this. To be mindful means to be genuine with your interactions and focus on the speaker with full attention. When you focus and listen, you can retain the information better and even make your co-worker feel heard. Who doesn’t want to feel heard after all?

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