Calligraphy may not be up your alley, not yet at least, but it is something you can easily learn if you give it a chance. In lieu of National Handwriting Day, we are bringing you a few of our favorite tips to help you learn calligraphy.

1. Be patient – It’s often a good idea to relax and be stress-free when doing calligraphy so that you have some inner peace (aka patience). If you have had a rough day or are nervous before you begin, some advise you to walk away and take a break before you practice. For me, when I have had too much coffee or feel like I have a million things going on, I found that skipping on calligraphy practice is a good idea. Taking the time to really focus, not rush is vital!

2. Ensure your lighting is very good! Practice your calligraphy in a well-lit space or in a room that has ample natural light.

3. Give yourself plenty of room to spread out and write. A cramped desk with no arm room = a big NO NO! Not only does clutter crowd your space, but it also crowds your mind and can really mess up your focus.

4. Make sure you hold your pen at a 45-degree angle to the paper or drawing material. The angle in which you hold your pen of choice (we go over all of the different types of pens in Calligraphy Made Easy) will determine the flow of your strokes.

We partnered with Ashley Gardner of Printable Wisdom to bring you an insider look at all the tricks and tips you need to master calligraphy. Our book is SO jam-packed with good stuff; you can learn Calligraphy is 5 days or less.

Here’s a sneak peek inside Calligraphy Made Easy:

• Learn what supplies you need (Ashley has tried all the supplies out there so we have only listed the GOOD stuff.) From paper, to regular pens, to paintbrush style pens–this is your simple guide to get it right the first time. We created this so you don’t have to waste money trying things that don’t work.

• Learn the “Rules” that you should remember as you practice your calligraphy (to make sure it’s beautiful every time) and they will become second nature to you.

• Practice warm-up drills of different strokes and shapes you will routinely come across in your calligraphy.

• Learn how to correct mistakes, because we are all human and mistakes happen even to the pros.

• Practice real projects to test your skills

If you give yourself 5 days, we think you will have enough of the basics down to really gain your calligraphy confidence. Tag us if you create and share your beautiful works of art. #piccadillyinc

Here are a few projects pages that you can practice on!

Rose Rectangle Frame Tropical Leaves frame