Get inspired to write your own book

Get Inspired to Write your own Book

Get inspired to write your own book

Are you sitting there dreaming about one day writing a book and having it on the shelf at your local bookstore, or available on Amazon? Dreaming always comes easy, actually doing, now that is another story. You may have tons of half started stories or tons of ideas for the book you want to write. Now is the time to get your plan together and start writing the book.

Finding Inspiration for Your Book
If you are stuck in a rut for book ideas or feel a writer’s block coming on, grab one of our Prompt Books. Many of our fans have found inspiration in one or more of the prompts. If you do not find a great topic or idea in the prompts, they will at a minimum help you push past the writer’s block and keep your words flowing onto paper.

Plan a trip or visit a new local spot to gain inspiration. New experiences can help you get out of your comfort zone and meet new people with their own story. When you see the same things over and over in life, you can feel stuck or uninspired. Getting out of the regular life routine can bring you some fresh inspiration.

Pick Your Topic or Book’s Purpose
Narrow down your inspiration to one Topic for the book or the theme. For instance, you can write a book compiled of short horror stories, or write a romance novel.

Do Your Research
Research your topic/theme as much as possible. Research how to write a book, how many words a book should be, how many characters a book should have, research everything and anything you can think of that is related to writing a book or novel.

Writing a book is a learning process, keep that in mind. The more you know, the more tools you will have to write the best you can.

Planning Your Book
Once you have the ideas flowing, knowing where to start or end can be tricky for those who have never written a book before.

First up – give yourself a deadline. This deadline is your finished product goal, to help you stay on track. No more just writing and seeing if you will finish it one day, but actually giving yourself a target to hit so you DO finish it.

Start your outline -An outline doesn’t have to be massively detailed but it does need to be comprehensive. Make sure you begin by having a strong idea of the who, where, what, why and when of your story.” For in-depth steps on how to write an outline, check out this article:

For a shorter list of outline writing, Writer’s Digest has a pretty straight forward 7 steps.

Create a Schedule & Writing Workspace
Once you have a deadline to hit, you can either wing it and see how close you get to hit that mark or you can break down your book and create a realistic writing schedule. The choice is yours. We do think having a writing schedule is ideal.

Here is how you do that:
Roughly estimate how many words you want your book to be, and divide that by the number of days you have until your Deadline. This will give you the number of words you need to write each day, in order to hit your goal. If you go over this number, you will surpass your deadline.

Pick a great place to get your writing done that is in your home, or in a location that is free from all distractions. Gather your writing tools, maybe some headphones & music, and start writing toward your goal.

Start Your 1st Draft
Once you have a pretty solid plan mapped out, start jumping into your first draft or your rough draft. This is not something that needs to be polished or perfect, it is just your 1st opportunity to read over your book and edit as needed. During your writing process, focus on the words and story rather than perfect format & perfectionism. This is the 1st of many drafts, so get this done via your schedule.

Best of luck & we can’t wait to read your book!

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