What on Earth is Hygge? In short, it’s a special way of being that first originated from the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, refined and mastered by the Danes in particular. This little book will give you an insight into what Hygge is all about, and how you can incorporate Hygge into your everyday life. 100 Hygge Challenges is complete with detailed challenges filled with different ways to add more Hygge to your life and expand your understanding of what Hygge is. The challenges vary from things you can do on your own, to things you can do with other people, i.e. your loved ones and even your dog. All challenges can be adjusted to your mood and altered to your own imagination—there are no rules nor limitations for Hygge!

100-Hygge-Challenges-front-cover100-Hygge-Challenges-Inside-Spread1 100-Hygge-Challenges-Inside-Spread2 100-Hygge-Challenges-Inside-Spread3 100-Hygge-Challenges-Inside-Spread4

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