Our journals are a representation of us, something special with no two journals sharing the exact same content. However, many journals can arrive from the store looking pretty basic and maybe a little less than inspiring. Your journal should speak to you, whether you want to inspire your inner creative or encourage and motivate yourself to reach your goals, the look of your journal should be a reflection of it’s contents. There are countless ways to turn your notebook into a carefully crafted work of art. We’ve narrowed the list down to 4 of our favorite ways to personalize your journal.

1. Decorative Edges
Decorative edges are great for customizing journals and there are many ways to create them. You can pick up a few tools for creating edges from your local hobby store such as textured scissors, die cuts, and border punchers. You can also add on decorative edges with strips of fabric, textured paper, or other types of decorative papers. Cut small or large strips depending on your preference and use a hot glue gun or other adhesive to fasten these strips to the borders of your pages. 

2. Mod Melts
Mod melts are fun and easy art projects that you can add onto your journal for a completely customized one of a kind look. You’ll need to pick up a few supplies from your local hobby store: mod melt sticks or mod podge sticks, a miniature hot glue gun (make sure to opt for the high-temperature glue gun or else it won’t melt the sticks), and a few silicone molds or mod melt molds. Once you’ve got your supplies, heat the mod melt sticks in the glue gun and fill your molds. Don’t worry if they come out a little messy the first time, practice makes perfect! Once you’ve removed your melts from the trays you can decorate them with paint, nail polish, glitter, and gems before sticking them onto your journal. The end result is a fun and unique journal design that you’ll love opening every day. 

3. Stickers
Stickers are a simple and easy way to personalize your journal. You can find a sticker for just about anything and they come in an array of different sizes, textures, and smells. Monogram stickers and decals are a great way to add a professional but personalized look to your journals and notebooks. Keep your stickers handy for when you write in your journal each day and add stickers to your entries, lists, and other sticker-worthy notes. 

4. Decorative Paper
Decorative paper is another great way to turn a plain journal into a beautiful work of creative art. Give the most basic notebook a customized look with a few simple tools: glue gun, scissors, a ruler, craft knife, and adhesive tape. If you have multiple notebooks you can add decorative paper to the cover based on what each notebook represents. For your nature notebook choose a paper that reflects the outdoors with flowers, leaves, or anything that reminds you of nature. Pick patterned paper or decorative paper with your favorite sayings or motivational words for your day to day thoughts. Another way to give life to your notebook with decorative paper is by adding divider sections inside of your journal. This will make it easy to flip directly to the desired section of the notebook and you can add a table of contents for reference at the front of your journal. 

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