8 Ways Your Journal Can Improve your Life

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8 Ways Your Journal Can Improve your Life

Who would have thought that a simple book filled with lined or dotted paper, AKA your journal, could change your life so much? Your journal can improve your life in so many ways in which you didn’t realize. For the sake of time, we could only pick our top 8 ways for this blog.

#1 Inspire Creativity
Once you sit down and write or draw, sometimes the ideas just flow out of your head. You can’t ever create something that you never started. Start writing, start drawing and get inspired by what you create. One sentence could spark an idea for an entire story.

#2 Improves Your Writing
When was the last time you wrote something down on a piece of paper? Typically, when you need to jot something down, your phone will be the first thing that comes to mind. We are constantly surrounded by technology. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, writing with good old-fashioned pen and paper has therapeutic benefits that can’t be gained from looking at a computer screen.

#3 Helps You De-stress
Regardless of the time of day, if you’re feeling stressed grab your journal and take a few minutes to write. Writing can benefit your emotional well-being in many ways. Jotting your thoughts down on paper helps you organize those thoughts that might be jumbled around in your head in a confusing manner.

#4 Helps You Reflect &Heal
Studies have shown that writing about a traumatic or emotionally damaging event can actually aid in the healing process. Choosing to write these events down on paper can help you see the experience in a different light, and it can aid in distancing yourself from those emotions that have made the experience so traumatic. Releasing built up emotions is therapeutic, and it’s considered unhealthy to keep these types of feelings bottled up inside.

#5 Keeps You Organized
Writing down your tasks and schedule can help you stay organized. Your journal can even be used for tracking progress in a recent project or keeping a list of things you want to accomplish and have accomplished.

#6 Helps You Brainstorm Ideas More Effectively
Keeping a journal is one of the best things you can do to brainstorm more effectively. Whether you are creating a bullet point list of ideas or drawing your idea – your journal will give you the freedom to brainstorm and plan far better than keeping the ideas in your head.

#7 Improves Your Memory
Writing notes helps boost your memory recall, and your ability to understand. While on the other hand, you are asking to forget things if you do not write them down.

#8 Achieve Your Goals
Goals are more effective when you write them down. Writing down your goals allows you to see and remember them, to keep focus on your goals. This serves as a way to plan your path to achieving your goal and brings your vision into reality.

To best improve your life, the list of the following journals will help you start writing:
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