7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Coloring

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book

7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Coloring


If you have found yourself tempted to buy that super cool coloring book(the one you look at every time you are at Target), but keep passing it up because you think its “childish,” here are a few reasons to grab it next time around. And while you are at it, get yourself some new colored pencils and markers too!

Here are your 7 Reasons Start Coloring Today.

  1. Coloring is as much a form of therapy and self-healing as writing is. In fact, coloring has been a prescribed treatment from Psychiatrists for nearly 100 years. The time you need to focus and shut everything else out allows you to put positive energy into your coloring project.
  2. Coloring allows you to be social. The trend of coloring for all ages recently took off, and with that many groups were formed turning the once solo activity into a fun gathering idea. You can check out coloring groups and coloring parties in your local area by searching on social.
  3. Coloring reduces stress and anxiety. Coloring allows the fear center of your brain to relax, thereby relaxing your whole body – even when you are done coloring. If you are looking for a meditative activity that will help you react less harsh to stress, start coloring today.
  4. Increase your focus with coloring. “Being able to live in the moment is a critical skill in our increasingly demanding world, and coloring trains you to put everything else aside for the hour you spend doing it,” notes Clinical counselor Leslie Marshall. Coloring inside the lines takes focus, without stress.
  5. Your coloring book allows you to express yourself. Just like your journal, your coloring book allows you to express who you are without any judgement. Maybe you aren’t focusing on staying in the lines; maybe you are – either way no one has to know your coloring skills.
  6. Coloring awakens the inner child in you. By indulging in an activity loved by children, you are tapping into your smaller self where money and bills were never your worry. The activity of coloring helps you let go of the world’s burden and be young again.

And even better, if you have kids, they will love to spend the time with you doing an activity that they love too! Be sure to grab them a coloring book of their own.

Check out these coloring books based on childhood favorite movies.

  1. You create some rad DIY art to hang around your house. You never know how magical it feels to have spent hours coloring a mandala that can be framed and hung in your house. DIY décor is the latest rage, and you are never too old to save on art work.


If these 7 reasons to pick up coloring haven’t inspired you enough yet, color for the pure joy of expanding your creative side.

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