5 Simple Steps to Become a Writer

5 Simple Steps

5 Simple Steps to Become a Writer

If you are sitting there wishing and hoping to be a writer, you just want to be a writer so bad you can feel it in your core. You may think the only way to become a writer is to keep writing. Yes, this is true, but you must also do a few other things also.

Own it
You have written stories, poems, papers, articles, paragraphs, words, and sentences – you already are a writer. You just need to commit to the title: Writer.

The next time someone asks what you do for work, you tell them “ I am a writer.” The next time you are filling out a form, you write on that form under the title – “Writer.” You are a writer already. Get out of your comfort zone and spark a conversation with a stranger, the point, throw it out there that you are a writer. It may be easier to tell people who you do not know, that you are a writer, without fear of getting any judgment.

Invest in yourself
You already know how to write, this should have been something you learned in Kindergarten, maybe even Preschool. But learning different techniques and styles will always help you grow as a writer. Invest in a class or a writing coach, and take all the knowledge you can and apply it to your craft.

Read Everything
Read, read and read some more. Reading will expose you to other styles, expand your vocabulary, and compare your writing to what is out there now. Reading is a form of studying. You are studying writers every time you read. Learn as much as you can. Read magazines, read books that are not in your realm of expertise, read every single day.

Road Map
Write out specific goals you want to accomplish as a writer, and how you will get to each one. This will act as your road map to becoming the writer you are dreaming of, and help you track your progress.

Get Uncomfortable
It should be obvious that no one will know you are a writer until you put yourself out there. This is either done by networking or marketing yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and get out of hiding. Look up writer networking groups, apply for 10 writer positions, submit your article to a major publication, approach another writer and see if you can collaborate on a project – just be ready to get uncomfortable for a little bit while you grow. Nothing changes or happens from the safe zone.

Hopefully, this helped shed some light on what you need to do to become a writer. We most importantly hope you never stop believing in yourself.

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