October is finally here! Cooler weather, falling leaves, Oktoberfest, and pumpkin spice everything is officially on the menu. October is also the official month of the 3rd annual “Inktober” and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Inktober, Inkober is 31 days of Halloween based drawing prompts. This artistic event is a fun way to express your creativity all while connecting with other participants through hashtags on social media. The focus of Inktober is to get people drawing daily and to see how practice helps with self-improvement and creating positive habits. You don’t need to be a professional artist to participate, as long as you’re having fun you’re doing it right!

Piccadilly has decided to join in on the fun with its own #31drawingprompts challenge! Following in line with our prompt books, we’ve created a Spooktacular list of 31 drawing prompts, one prompt for every day of October. For each prompt completed, tag @piccadillyofficial to be entered into a prize drawing at the end of the month. Each tag is an entry so you’ll be eligible for 31 entries if you complete all of the prompts. Don’t worry if you have to do a few at once or didn’t start on the 1st, your entry will still count if you post it later than the specific prompt date. However, make sure you’ve got everything posted before November 1st to be eligible! You can also hashtag #31drawingprompts to connect with others who are in on the challenge. It’s always fun and surprising to see how other people interpreted the prompts.

If you’re not exactly the artsy type but what to get in on the challenge, use the prompts as writing prompts instead. Create a short story, poem, or write up whatever comes to mind when you think of the prompt for the day. You can also choose to mix the two, draw a few prompts and write a few depending on where the prompt of the day takes you creatively. There really isn’t a wrong way to do this challenge and each prompt is open to your own unique interpretation.

The main goal of this challenge is to get people motivated to draw or write every day. Getting into the habit of drawing or writing on a daily basis has many positive benefits. From stress relief to getting a better night’s sleep, use this challenge as a way to form a new healthy habit. So, grab your notebook, pen, and smartphone and get to drawing! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #31drawingprompts and to tag @piccadillyofficial after you’ve completed each prompt to be entered into the end of the month drawing.

Go to @piccadillyofficial to check out the challenge and enter to win some cool prizes that will be announced each week.

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