20 Cool Ways to Use Your Sketchbook


20 Cool Ways to Use Your Sketchbook

The cool thing about your sketchbook is that there are no rules and there is nothing you should or shouldn’t be doing in your sketchbook. Just don’t let the pressure of being perfect keep you from filling blank pages.

Your sketchbook doesn’t even need to have a theme or only be perfect sketches and drawings. Make a mess of the pages, leave the drawings half-drawn or unfinished.  Do random things – no one has to see your sketchbook so let your ideas just flow and ditch the stress of overthinking what it’s supposed to be or what it should look like. No rules, remember! This is YOUR sketchbook and you can do whatever you want with it.

If you have run out of ideas of what to do on those blank pages, here are 20 great ways to use your sketchbook.

1. Doodle mindlessly. Draw random things within your comfort zone. Open your page and start to draw whatever comes naturally to you.
2. Play with color. Layer colors or use different colors that you never use and cover the page. Once the page is filled with color you can leave it or draw over the color.
3. Draw what you are NOT good at. Attack your weakness and sharpen your skills by trying over and over again to get it right.
4. Look around you and draw the things you see in front of you right now.
5. Scribble and then go back and color wherever your lines overlap.
6. Use a ruler and pen to divide the page into boxes or blocks. Fill the boxes with characters or patterns.
7. Draw a person, but instead of shading or coloring in large areas, use washi tape instead. Use an X-ACTO knife to trim off pieces you don’t need.
8. Draw a simple, larger item’s outline. Plants work well for this. Fill in the design by stippling. (Shading with dots.)
9. Fill a 2-page spread with a themed pattern using only 2-3 colors.
10. Press art into a page using stamps, leaves or things with different textures.
11. Draw a simple house outline and then fill it with detailed patterns.
12. Sketch a poster for a cause that you are passionate about.
13. Write your name in the center of the page and then draw objects or words of things you love around it.
14. Dedicate a page to copying logos of your favorite brands.
15. Paint or color a whole page black, then go over the page and draw using a white chalk marker or a correction pen. You can get correction pens or white out pens from your local dollar store.
16. Recreate a famous painting adding a modern twist.
17. Use a ruler and create a grid on your paper. Fill the grid with animals you would find in the jungle.
18. Draw animals wearing clothes or doing chores humans do.
19. Use only dots or stippling to draw a face.
20. Use black in to draw and fill a silhouette of a person or animal. Then go back and draw the skeleton using white ink.

We hope that some of these ideas sparked your creative side so you are left with a completely full sketchbook! If you are interested in finding a new sketchbook, check out some of our sketchbooks:
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