These 10 ways to change your life are in no particular order, and we can’t guarantee that you will become a millionaire or some other far off dream will be realized – but we can bet that you will be in a better place than you were 30 days prior.

If you are looking to make some changes during 2019 and want a place to start… You are definitely in the right place.

1.The Most Important Person Challenge – For 30 days, treat every single person you encounter in your life, no exceptions, as the most important person in the world. You will find that people will treat you with the same amount of importance and care that you have been treating people with. This has to be my favorite way to change your life. Treating others with respect and love and kindness is something I see younger generations forgetting about. If we all just treat each other as the most important person on the earth, the world may be a little bit better than it is now.

2. End Unhealthy Relationships – While you accept responsibility for your own happiness and self-care, it is so important to be aware of the effects your external environment can have on your life as well. If you constantly surround yourself with negative individuals, the bad energy will actually undermine any work you are trying to do in your life. Keep the bad vibes out and limit your exposure to those who are not healthy for you.

3. Keep a Journal – You probably are thinking “Of course they want us to keep a journal, they make journals.” But studies actually show that journaling can help you think and process things better, it can help you express your thoughts and fears in a safe place. We love writing and truly believe in its power. If you are changing your life, even just keeping a journal to express any strong emotions that come up during this time can help ease your mind. Keep track of how people react as you treat them like the Most Important Person in the World.

4. Limit Social Media Time – Social Media can be a tricky place to navigate and process, not to mention how easy it is for you to see how another person’s life looks on social media and feel bad about your own. Social Media life gets confused with reality. It is easy for someone to take photos and post captions making it seem like their body or their life is uber amazing. This false reality can make you look at your life and actually feel like you are failing. Limit your time on Social Media and spend more time focusing on real life and real people.

5. Take Self-Care more Seriously – Self-Care? If this sounds like a foreign language to you, then you may be neglecting a very serious part of your life, YOU. You are so important, and taking the time to make sure you are caring for your Self-Care needs… is an automatic must on your to-do list. You give and you give, and you never expect anything in return. This type of giving will eventually result in burn out and your tank is empty. Make sure your tank is filled up so you can fill others (if you haven’t read The Five Love Languages, you need to read it.) Practice meditation, yoga, go for a walk, schedule a massage, or find another way to take time for yourself and do something that rejuvenates your spirit.

6. Set Goals – To change anything or move in a forward direction you need to have a plan. Set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Specific) goals that will help you accomplish your dreams.

7. Change Your Eating Habits – Processed foods are chemical laden and cause lethargy, brain-fog and decrease your general well-being. Changing your eating habits to reduce processed food consumption will help increase your energy and help you change your life. Remember this, crappy food = crappy life.

8. Develop Positive Thinking – They say happiness is all in your head and that you have the power to be happy or sad. Do you think this is true? What if you decided every day to wake up and stay happy? I tried this out for a few days just to see if it would have any effect on my life, and sure enough, it did. I changed my outlook to a positive one and let the small things roll off my chest. I felt great! In order to change your life in 30 days, develop positive thinking! Positive thinking won’t lead to success – but it will motivate you to make more things happen that do lead to success.

9. Eliminate the Non-Essential – We seem to complain about never having enough time in the day, though we find time to check social media or do things that bring us no joy. Start eliminating the non-essential things from your life today. This means if it does not add value to your life or fill you up with the feeling of positivity – stop doing it. Ok, some things you have to do in order to do life, like grocery shopping and working to earn money. But, if you really hate grocery shopping you can always try to do the Online Grocery Shopping and have your groceries delivered to your door. Stop the tasks that waste your time and that you really dread doing. By cutting out the non-essentials, you now have more time to focus on the tasks that will help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

10. Stick With a Routine – Starting anything in life and quitting before you finish or see results will not help you. Start a routine, a daily routine, or a life routine and stick with it. These 10 ways to change your life in 30 days will need to be added to your life like a routine, and you will need to stick them out.

We could add another 10 ways to change your life in 30 days, but 20 ways to change your life in 30 days is a little much. Once you get the hang of these items, add to the list or change things that work better for you. Just remember, there is always hope to make your life better than it is today.

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