Mouse Pads

Your little desk companion

60 sheets of paper you can click, scroll, and scribble on.

Looking to add some pizazz to your dull workspace? Decorate your desk with our
2-in-1 Mouse Pads. Use it to let your mouse run wild and to jot down any quick notes, reminders, and other important information. No need to fuss around with post-it notes or scratch paper: You’ve got design and functionality all at your fingertips.


9.5 x 8 in.
241mm x 203mm
Paper Quality:
100 GSM wood-free

In six desk-worthy designs

Beach Pad
ISBN: 978-1-60863-762-1

Daily Planner
ISBN: 978-1-60863-763-8

Grunge Wall
ISBN: 978-1-60863-761-4

Leather Leopard
ISBN: 978-1-60863-766-9

Spring Flowers
ISBN: 978-1-60863-764-5

Urban Grunge
ISBN: 978-1-60863-765-2